Feng Shui Anrenshui Wu Lou/wulou/hulu Key Chain for Health

Feng Shui Anrenshui Wu Lou/wulou/hulu Key Chain for Health
Brand: Betterdecor
Item #: BDHKC35
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Price: $9.99
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  • the sale is for feng shui Anrenshui Wu Lou key Chain
  • Dimension: total about 4" in length; Wu lou is 0.75" diameter x 1.75" tall
  • Material : Zinc Alloy
  • it is also a good gift! 
  • The Ceramic Anrenshui Wu lou is the symbol of longevity and it is the powerful feng shui product to subdue illness chi. It is said that Wu lou can absorb sick energy inside the wu lou so that it can prevent the illness chi from hurting persons. The big two Chinese talismans on the both sides of the Ceramic Anrenshui Wu Lou have the meaning of Peace and Good Health. Green leaves on the top represent new life and vital. In 2012 year of the dragon, Ceramic Anrenshui Wu Lou can be displayed in the North position. It is recommended to have it at home for those whose house's main door locates in the North position 

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