Feng Shui 5 Elements Pagoda Key Chain for Protection

Feng Shui 5 Elements Pagoda Key Chain for Protection
Brand: Betterdecor
Item #: BDHKC16
Stock: In Stock
Price: $9.99
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  • The sale is for one feng shui 5 elements Pagoda key Chain and a pounch with
  • made of metal
  • color: Gold
  • Dimension: 4" overall
  • Good for Feng Shui and gift 
  • 5 element pagoda is one of the most powerful feng shui items to diminish the effect of flying star 5 yellow (5 yellow is the star causing serious sick). The five element pagoda is a powerful metal cure that protects against negative energy called the Five Yellow. This energy is responsible for bringing five kinds of misfortune and must be taken seriously. When it vibrates, it brings reversal of fortune, cash flow difficulties, accidents and even severe illness.

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