Feng Shui Peacock Bird Wind Chime Hanging for Love Cure

Feng Shui Peacock Bird Wind Chime Hanging for Love Cure
Brand: Betterdecor
Item #: BDHH23
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Price: $12.99
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  • The sale is for feng shui Wind Chime or Car hanging with Peacock for love cure and a pounch with "Betterdecor" Logo printed on it
  • Material is metal
  • color:brass color
  • total about 16" in length Dimension of double fish:2" x1.75" tall; bell is about 1.5" tall
  • it's a good gift 
  • Peacock. Stunning in its beauty, the Peacock is considered the manifestation of the celestial Phoenix on earth. Its mesmerizing colors and the "thousand eyes" look on its tail is considered to promote fame luck in feng shui, as well as enhance one's protection and awareness. Of course, such a stunningly beautiful bird as peacock will also symbolize beauty and the feelings of love and attraction, thus the image of peacock or the peacock feathers are often recommended in feng shui as a love cure for single people to help attract the desired mate 

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